Young Carers Action Day 2021 Review

Young Carers Action Day this year took place on 16th March and the theme was Protecting Young Carers’ Futures.
Carers Trust have had some great conversations with young/young adult carers. They told them they wanted the day to be about their futures, highlighting the incredible skills they have developed through being a carer – like resilience, time-management and empathy.
These are all important skills, not just for young people moving into higher education – but also for those looking to enter the workplace. What’s more, they are skills highly sought after by employers.
Although the day has come to an end for another year that does not mean the work stops. For us, every day is Young Carers Action Day. We are in your corner, fighting to make sure you get all the support and guidance you need from us and also getting the message out there to schools, colleges, businesses and the general public. 

We had a fantastic day, both our young carers and young adult carers did done some incredible work designing t-shirts, we’ve had a special ‘Talking Tuesday’ with Hartlepool Borough Council, interviewed some of our very own awesome young carers and finished with a crazy disco!

We are so proud of each and every one of you and we cannot wait to see you all in person!

If you missed any of our interviews you can watch them here:
Young Carers Action Day – Becka’s Story
Young Carers Action Day – Grace’s Story
Young Carers Action Day – Kaydie’s Story
Talking Tuesday – Young Carers Action Day (Hartlepool Borough Council)

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