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Hartlepool Carers Emergency Card

What is an Emergency Card?

Peace of mind for unpaid carers

Many carers worry about what would happen to the person they care for if they were to have an accident themselves or were suddenly taken ill and as a result, were temporarily unable to carry out their caring role.

It’s a good idea for all carers to have an emergency plan, our Carers Emergency Card can be part of that plan. The card is designed to be kept with you at all times, for example in a purse, bag, wallet, phone case or on a key ring. The card has details of the person who needs to be contacted if a crisis or emergency has occurred and you cannot provide care.

What is a crisis or emergency?

A crisis or emergency is something that could not be planned for, which means you cannot carry out your caring role.

Who should be my emergency contact?

Anyone who is willing to be contacted in an emergency and will provide short term care while you are unable to do so. This is usually a family member or friend. It is important that the person has agreed for their contact details to be shared and are aware of your emergency plan.

You can have a Hartlepool Carers Emergency Card even if you:

  • Don’t live with the person you care for
  • Are not the only person providing care for someone
  • Are caring for more than one person
  • Are not related to the person you care for

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Hartlepool Carers are assisting directly and linking people with other organisations when more appropriate, to ensure every carer gets the support they require.


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19A Lowthian Road,
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