Our new project, ‘Talking Tuesday’, sees us take the opportunity to find out more about local service providers within the town and how they can support our community.

Each week we will be talking to a different group around areas such as recreation and sport, health and wellbeing, financial advice and other subjects that are vital to carers and the community as a whole.

If you have a question for one of our upcoming speakers please get in touch and we will make sure it’s asked for you. Or would you like to feature in one of our upcoming slots? Email sarah.rowntree@hartlepoolcarers.org.uk

Talking Tuesday 22/09/20 – Hartlepool & East Durham Mind
Talking Tuesday 29/09/20 – Hospital of God at Greatham (The Bridge)
Talking Tuesday 03/10/20 – Down Syndrome Awareness
Talking Tuesday 06/10/20 – Cancer Awareness
Talking Tuesday 09/10/2020 – Andys Man Club
Talking Tuesday 13/10/2020 – Hartlepool Borough Council Sports & Participation
Talking Tuesday 20/10/2020 – Hartlepool Borough Council Community Hubs
Talking Tuesday 03/11/2020 – Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation
Talking Tuesday 10/11/2020 – Women’s Wellbeing Club
Talking Tuesday 26/11/2020 – Carers Rights Day (Hartlepool Borough Council)
Talking Tuesday 19/01/2021 – 1 Hart, 1 Mind, 1 Future
Talking Tuesday 26/01/2021 – #PooliesTogether
Talking Tuesday 02/02/2021 – Hartlepool Carers
Talking Tuesday 09/02/2021 – Hartlepool Carers Ex Carers Support
Talking Tuesday 18/02/2021 – Kooth
Talking Tuesday 23/02/20201 – Cleveland Fire Brigade
Talking Tuesday 02/03/2021 – Incontrol-Able
Talking Tuesday 09/03/2021 – Social Prescribers
Talking Tuesday 16/03/2021 – Young Carers Action Day (Hartlepool Borough Council)
Talking Tuesday 23/03/2021 – Hartlepool Action Lab