We are delighted to be working with the wonderful Jo at RepeaT for Kids to work to reduce the anxieties our young carers face – especially during the pandemic. 

RepeaT for Kids was created to help children who are experiencing some form of emotional distress.

Their unique rainforest room was designed to provide a relaxing non clinical space for children to express their thoughts and feelings along with other children who may be going through similar difficulties.

During one hour sessions, children will learn to regulate their emotions and relax using Mindful techniques.

In addition to their face to face sessions they also have a selection of guided meditations/bedtime stories that can be purchased in an audio format.

Listening to guided meditations, particularly before bedtime can settle and soothe children, contributing to a healthy sleep pattern.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness for children?

Strengthens self-control. Lower’s anxiety and stress. Increases positive moods. Better decision making. Improves Emotional Regulation Skills. Increases self-esteem. Improves Health and Body Image. Improves social skills and communication.

Jo has kindly allowed us to share two guided meditations on our website for use by our young carers. These would also be suitable for adult carers.

For more information on RepeaT for Kids visit