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Message from the board of Trustees

As 2020 comes to a close, our minds turn to the year we are leaving behind and ever hopeful the year in front will be brighter. No other Christmas or New Year has this been ever more true.
2020 has been one of the hardest years for many in living memory, being unable to socialise, get out of the house for a break has been difficult, more so for us carers. Odd statement ‘more so for us carers’ but it’s one for me that has weight. Many people who don’t care for someone doesn’t understand how difficult being a carer can be, or how even a little shopping trip can help your mental health, but, help it does.
You have all faced challenges that you never thought you would have to but faced them you have with determination, a smile, and true courage. I for one am heartened by the work you all do, and continue to do.
We have sadly lost so many people this year, whether it be to COVID, or ill health. Being in lockdown has made the grieving process even harder, but knowing that the charity is there for you I hope it has helped. On a personal note the team were fantastic with me when I lost my father last month, they made a difficult time that little bit easier.
Which brings me to the amazing team. They have worked so hard and tirelessly since lockdown, changing how they work and how they interact with you all. I have been keeping in contact with Christine and the team and have been seeing your posts. I’m so happy to see that you feel supported and that as a charity we are here for you. That is so so important to us, because we care ❤ about each and everyone of you. You are part of the Hartlepool Carers family and we will always look out for you.
As a board we will be here for you, and anytime you want to speak to us you can always email.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (as well as we can).
Simon xx

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