Hartlepool Carers exists to improve the quality of lives of Carers throughout Hartlepool and the surrounding villages. We do this by providing bespoke advice, information and support services, as well as also raising awareness of Carers’ issues locally, regionally & nationally. Carers can be of any age and come from any social, ethnic or cultural background and will be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

We provide carers with information and support in their caring role. Hartlepool Carers’ can provide advice and assistance on local authority carer’s assessment. This is to find out their needs and to identify any support or advice. The Carers’ Assessment can also form a basis to work out how best the carer and the employer can make arrangements to allow the carer to continue working without it impacting on the carers responsibilities.


Hartlepool Carers was set up in 1994 by Hilda Hamilton MBE and Peggy Mordaunt and  to provide support to unpaid carers in Hartlepool and the surrounding villages. It is our mission to ensure this legacy is carried on by growing the charity, and ensuring we meet unpaid carers needs.