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‘A Carers Life’ September 2020 – Sarah

The past few weeks have been pretty emotional for our little family.

Firstly our little lady entered her first singing competition and boy, the practice along the way brought some tears and mega tantrums. But never the less we made it to the day of competitions, which was very different in these strange times.

I was able to go into the room, which was all social distanced and only the singing teacher and a judge. He is a singing instructor himself and worked with Take That and the West End.

Little Miss Mop did ‘Castle on a Cloud’ in full costume and boy she had myself and the singing instructor in tears.

This shy little girl stood there in character sung her heart out, no experience of competitions and only attending singing lessons for 5 months. I have never been more proud be a mummy.

Now she didn’t place, no she got something better a special mention from the judge. How she had stuck in his mind all day for how she was able to get into character. His recommendation was for her to believe in herself and to look into the audience. She is so proud of herself for going out her comfort zone and giving something a try.

So after all this we finally got the funding through from the adoption support fund to fund an assessment of need for therapy.

We started the assessment the middle of August and we finally have someone who understands our little girl. They have seen what we have done and that we aren’t going mad.

The assessment process is still ongoing, but we have found out that she has feotal alcohol syndrome, where the birth mother has drunk during pregnancy and the fetus is affected. She has neurological brain damage and attachment disorder.

She should never have been placed in main stream school and the therapist said she doesn’t know how she survived so long in mainstream school.

This makes me feel sad that the educational system has let her down and not recognised that something wasn’t right Even when we kept saying time and time again to where we de-registered her and she is now home educated.

We applied for an EHC earlier this year and the council would not even consider it. They agreed support is needed, however because she is adopted the support should be via the adoption support team.

So we are finally on the right track, however I feel really sad and emotional what the future holds for our Miss Mop a one very different from what it should have been.

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