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‘A Carers Life’ July 2020 – Toria

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Toria, I’m 43 and I am a mother to three wonderful little individuals and I’m married to a lovely Gent called Christopher.

I became a carer long before I was officially classed as one, when I became a mother twice in the space of a year to two special little people. Then added another little person onto the mix two years later. 
The reason I became a carer is because I had two children with additional needs. Both my eldest child and my middle child have ASD which means my life is full of all sorts of fun and games. I have three little lovelies, and I also have my husband, They all have a genetic condition which can lead to some health issues. 
So what could I bring to the blog? I think the thing most people want to know is that they are not alone. I have it a lot easier than some of the other carers I have met but we all have days where all we want to do is scream. Then we have days when we want to shout and be so proud of our people even when their achievements would be seen as a run of the mill thing for other people. 
I have so many things I’d love to talk about, some people would be nodding emphatically as I am known to be a bit of a talker! I can’t list them all here, that would be one long introduction! I used to be a teacher though and I love to be able to help people understand things or feel better about themselves and writing a blog seems like a brilliant way to do that.  
I’ll stop there. I’d love to go on but I’d best restrain myself to a short(ish) introduction or I’ll bore you to tears. 

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