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‘A Carers Life’ July 2020 – Sam

So they say a picture paints a thousand words, and as you can see, there’s a lot I can say about mine! 5 kids, me and my husband somewhere in the back and one child in Christmas pyjamas in June!

When this photo was taken we were having a normal day, before I got a knock on the door to say we were receiving the Ruby Marshall Family award for 2020 from Hartlepool Carers. Aside from being completely overwhelmed at being nominated, we couldn’t believe we had won it. Of course the picture was shared and It was only then I noticed my youngest’s pjs. I’d been so preoccupied in the seconds before trying to arrange everyone to fit into the pic on our doorstep and getting my eldest to wear a T-shirt that I’d not noticed him proudly there with his big cheesy grin . . . And his Christmas pyjamas!
But that’s my life, there always seems to be something going on when I look twice and that’s what I’ve been asked to share with you all. Our life as carers for our kids, 2 have special/additional needs, 1 undergoing assessment and two teenagers. It’s crazy, it’s busy and sometimes it’s completely overwhelming but we get through it as a family

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