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‘A Carers Life’ July 2020 – Becka

Hi, I’m Becka and I’ve been a carer for around 10 years now. I’m 18 and I went to college before lock-down happened. I care for my mam who has fibromyalgia and other mental health issues. I love making her feel more independent and feeling better about herself. I’ve won young carer of the year in 2018 and young adult carer in 2020.

Caring for my mam is the one thing I strive to do to my fullest because I’ve seen the positive impacts my caring role does for her. On an average day I get up go downstairs and make sure my mam is awake and make her a cup of tea. We sit on her bed and talk about how she’s feeling, whether it’s up or down,  and when she’s had her tablets and in less pain we go into the front room and watch some TV ( helping her if she needs to get up and keeping an eye on her when she does stuff for herself ). Throughout the day my mam needs to test her blood sugars and me or my siblings get her what she needs in case they’re too high or too low. We have a day either watching TV and films in the living room or in the bedroom when my mam really isn’t well. Either me, my dad or my siblings cook the dinner or tea if my mam’s having a bad day and she can barely move.

On a night we get my mam back into bed and she takes her tablets which make her go to sleep otherwise she’s awake in pain all night and she goes to sleep .I go to bed afterwards around 12am, and that’s an average day when my mams having what we call a ‘good’ day.

Although it’s really difficult I wouldn’t change looking after my mam for anything in the world.

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