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‘A Carers Life’ February 2021 – Sam

It’s the end of another term of home-schooling and I have to say that on reflection I have made some discoveries that I’d like to share with you all!

1. My 15 year old son is a surprisingly good cook when he’s not glued to his Xbox or his laptop
2. Zoom calls are irrelevant to a 6 year old who wants to live in underpants alone despite it snowing outside
3. Bedrooms can become war zones when the WiFi goes down but kids will find entertainment in things if they have no choice
4. Managers can be surprisingly understanding when you have to explain that your muted because the whole house has decided it wants to be fed in the 5 mins you have been away from your kitchen
5. The best type of phone to make a call on in a busy household is the old style Nokia’s that everyone complains about (they don’t seem to highlight the outside sound just the one closest to the phone)
Yes as you can imagine, this time between Christmas and February half term has been fun in my house! So far we have had 2 broken beds, a broken tv, broken fridge and a broken car and 2 birthdays. The first 3 were in the week before Christmas. We have amazing timing that is for sure! But in the midst of all of this I made the 5 discoveries I mentioned!
The reason I mentioned them first is because it would be very easy to be so bogged down in the negatives that we can’t find the positives. The funny moments that are sometimes missed when we are stressed out or exhausted from managing our days. This was made easier for me to understand because of a random act of kindness by someone else to me!
At the end of last week I was given a pamper pack from 1 Hart, 1 Mind, 1 Future. The lady who delivered it explained that she wanted me to have it because self care is important and up until then I’d not even thought about it. By the time my day ends I’m lucky to grab a hot bath, it’s rarely not interrupted and I tend to spend it on my phone catching up with friends who are feeling as strung out as I am. But for an hour on Friday, I got in the bath with my lovely bubble bath. I put on a face pack, I sprayed my bedroom with the pillow mist and then I spent an hour soaking. My phone was down and a random book was read that I’ve been putting off for at least a year. It felt amazing!
Yes admittedly I was interrupted multiple times by kids telling me about their opinions, complaining about things they could have told their father and asking every manner of random questions that popped into their brain (do penguins have knees? Why are stars called stars? Do you know how far away the moon is mummy? Can u get bacon flavoured bubble bath?) but I was actually relaxed enough to not even mind.
It’s easy to think we are too busy to take care of our own needs and I can guarantee it will be a while before I have another face pack or bath that lasts that long but it was amazing nonetheless and it’s something I have mentioned to the lady’s I call each week. Their situations are different to mine but they find themselves in the same situation. After mentioning this to a few friends I’m aware now that I’m not alone and so I felt that a reminder would be a good idea!
 (This is also how I know that old model phones are the best for my care calls because despite being in a house with 6 other people I was informed today that they rarely hear my kids around me)
In a month or so my husband returns to work and life will again change, I’m hopeful that school will return to normal but that’s a bridge I’ll cross when I come to it but from now I at least have a little reminder sat in my bathroom that maybe taking a few mins away from things isn’t such a bad idea, especially if it’s going to make dealing with the never ending questions and responsibilities that little bit easier! 

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