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Working & Caring

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You may be working when you start your caring role. It may be helpful to tell your employer about your situation. There are several things that you and your employer can do to help you combine your caring role with employment.

Talking to your employer

Caring for a disabled relative is often unpredictable and care arrangements can be complex, so you will need to talk to your employer about your concerns and commitments.

Think about how your employer could best help you and talk to them about your needs.

If you want to work, it is in your employer's best interest to consider making reasonable changes to your work pattern to help you work and continue caring.

Many employers offer help to carers. This could include:

Flexible working arrangements

There are many different ways of working flexibly. You could work from home or have flexible starting or finishing times.

Other working arrangements might be:

The Employment Act (2002) gives working parents of disabled children under 18 the right to request flexible working arrangements. You also have the legal right to ask your employer for flexible working if you are caring for an adult who is a relative or lives at the same address as you.

Special leave arrangements and time off in emergencies

Most carers know they can get emergency leave, but there are other leave arrangements that your employer might be able to offer. They include:

If you have legal parental responsibility for a disabled child under 18, you may have the right to take up to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave.

A right to time off in emergencies

You are entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off if you have worked for your employer for at least a year and there is an emergency relating to the person you care for.

Emergencies could include:

Carer's assessment

If you need help in your caring role you can ask Hartlepool Carers' for a carer's assessment. This is to find out your needs and to identify any support or advice we can offer to you. The Carers' Assessment can also form a basis to work out how best you and your employers can arrange to allow you to continue in your work without it impacting on your caring responsibilities.

For further advice and information please see the relevant sections below, or get in contact with Hartlepool Carers on 01429 283 095


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