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Register as a Carer With Your GP

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The government has asked all GP surgeries to register all carers, as they recognise a carers' health may be affected by the stresses and strains of caring.

If you care for a friend, relative, neighbour or child who could not manage otherwise, because of disability, frailty or illness, please inform your GP practices reception team as soon as possible. This is to ensure they are aware of your caring responsibilities and to see what help, support and information there is available on issues connected with your caring role

The surgeries are compiling a list of all Carers and will help surgeries to acknowledge your needs as a Carer and can provide you with further information, if required.

Want to inform your GP? Simply complete our online GP Caring form below, or download the PDF and either return it to Hartlepool Carers or your GP directly.

GP Caring Form (PDF)

Download as PDF

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Requires Adobe Reader, available by clicking here

GP Caring Online Form

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Complete our online form to send your details to us. We'll then send these to your GP

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