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Carers Quest Pledges

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People from all walks of life across Hartlepool have pledged to support and appreciate Carers in the wider community. Below are a small segment of pledges we here at Hartlepool Carers have gathered. Want to include your pledge? Simply get in contact with us.

Chadwick Practice
Michael Slimmings IncontrolAble
Graham Alton
Wilf Ward Family Trust
Carole Craggs
Graham Earl
Eugene\'s Caffee
West View Advice, Resource & Community Centre
Ian Walker n the staff of Specsavers
Dr.Posmick n Dr.Accy Havelock Grange Practice
Sainsburys - Middle Warren
Beamish Museum
Nataile Craggs
Lucy WhitfieldStore ManagerBoots - Middleton Grange
Eden Fancy DressJan and David Buchanan – ProprietorsThorpe Larches, Stockton
Lifeline Project
Craig Morris And His Team
Liz Carroll
Epilepsy Outlook
Dave Stubbs Chief ExecutiveHartlepool Borough Council
Pat Broster
Neil HarrisonHead of Service, Child and adult Services, Hartlepool Borough Council
Sarah WardPrincipal Social Worker, Child and Adult Services,Hartlepool Borough Council
Jan Hollis
Anne Gibson
England Primary School
Hart Gables
Graeme Cadas
Lisa Steel
Councillor Stephen Thomas
York Road Co-op Pharmacy
Radio Hartlepool
Hartlepool People Centre
Phyl Rafferty
Karen Storey
Hartlepool Mail
Liz Ashton
Joy Yates
Hartlepool Hospice
Peter Gowland
Iain Wright
Geraldine MartinHead of Service, Child and Adult Services,Hartlepool Borough Council
TBI Solicitors
Carer Regional Leads Group
Ali Wilson
Melanie Clark
The galleries coffee shop
Michelle Brown Academy of dance
Hayley Hunter
John LovattHead of Service, Child and Adult services, Hartlepool Borough Council
Caroline Robinson
Karen Gibson Manager Hartlepool Carers
Zenith Mobility
Andy Barraclough
Gill AlexanderDirector of Child and Adult servicesHartlepool Borough Council
Lonsdale Nursery School
Hartlepool Adult Education
Town of Hartlepool
Kris Middleton
Mark Rycraft
Linda Parker
Margaret Wrenn
Jill Harrison Assistant Director, Child and Adult Services,Hartlepool Borough Council
Tracey Bushnall
Kate Hogan
Edika Willoughby
Keith Bayley
Fay Garthwaite
Triage Hartlepool
Tracey Wilson
Anthony Wilson Managing Director
Hilary Thompson
Barry Coppinger
Steve Thomas Modernisation Lead, Child and Adult services , Hartlepool Borough Council
Niromax Group Limited - HartlepoolNatasha Edmanson & Kelly Borthwick
Jeanette WillisHead of Strategic CommissioningChild and Adult Services, Hartlepool Borough Council
Phoenix centre district nurses
Bright Idea Group
Malcolm Walker
Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher LeaderHartlepool Borough Council
Gillian Sild
Jean Tottie
Diabetes Team
Breathe Easy Group
Creative Cafe
Playmates Child and Babywear